Kontorkontor is a Copenhagen-based architectural office established in 2018 by Aenne Kristine Thomsen, Jesper Skovby and Tor Dalsgaard Krag. We graduated from the same masterprogram of Cultural heritage, Transformation og Restoration at the Royal Danish Academy of Architecture, Design og Conservation (KADK).

We are educated in analysing and comprehending the built environment and its heritage. We find inspiration in memories, traces, change, substance and atmosphere. We understand the foundation on which a building stands and we know the eaves that carry its roof. We have an opinion on how to place a window or a door in a wall. We think that the understanding of materials, construction and history is essential to building sustainable architecture.
We have no particular interest in expensive or state-of-the-art materials. We believe that with proper focus on a material’s inherent quality and aesthetic, it is possible to build harmonious and durable architecture that will patinate with grace.
We are fascinated with how the textural effects of materials can contribute to the spatial atmosphere, and we like to explore traditional techniques to challenge composition and haptic experiences. Architecture should be tasted, scented, heard and felt.